Murder Suspect Googled How To Kill Someone Days Before The Killings


Medford (MA) - A murder suspect’s Google searches could implicate him in the killings of his wife and 9-month-old daughter. Neil Entwistle claimed he found his family dead after he returned from a shopping trip, but police detectives have a different story to tell. They’ve combed through Entwistle’s laptop and found incriminating Google searches just a few days before the deaths.

Four days before the January 20th 2006 murders, Medford Police Detective Lawrence James says Entwistle searched for "how to kill with a knife" on Google. The search took him to of all places and the page showed a diagram of the human body and instructed people to aim for the heart and rib cage. While this may sound like pretty damning evidence, Entwistle’s wife and daughter were shot instead of stabbed.

James also testified that Entwistle searched for local escort services and had an active account on

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  • stridervm
    Umm... Amm.... Bizarre.... But making such incriminating evidence won't really help his case anymore...... O_o
  • dacman61
    That's why you got to be smart and clear your cache, history and anything else that can leave a trace, but depending on deep they want to dig they may be able to do some hard drive forensics and find the deleted cache from the hard drive. So overall, just take a sledge hammer to the hard drive instead.
  • captaincharisma
    well i guess like bitorrent sites thewy will have to shut google down now LOL. on top of that shut down too. That channels sucks
  • soloman02
    Even a sledge hammer might not be enough, some techs recovered data from a partially melted hard drive from the Columbia space shuttle. Your best bet is to either get a thermite grenade and set it off next to the HD, or to make thermite and set it off. Either way, your hard drive will be a pile of molten metal. When it cools, there will be no way to retrieve data.
  • SykaSirKits
    Yeah but if its molten metal than they might be able to melt the metal and extract information. Your best bet would be to obtain a small yield thermonuclear device and set it off inside your computer. Just make sure you're no where near it when it goes off. Those pesky radiation burns can hurt you.
  • Aurora18
    just format your hard drive seven or more times
  • You could also, you know, not kill your wife and daughter. Or kill other people in general. Or do massively illegal shit with your computer and then kill people. Or better yet, if you're considering killing, practice on yourself first.

    Any of those would alleviate the need to dodge computer forensics experts. Easier than acquiring a nuke also.