Nvidia Releases GeForce 331.65 WHQL Graphics Driver

Nvidia has released the next of its GeForce WHQL drivers. This update, 331.65, was released this morning and follows on from last week's release of 331.58. Along with improved performance in Call of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4, these game-ready drivers also come bundled with GeForce Experience v1.7, which includes support for Nvidia's newly announced GameStream, as well as a beta version of GeForce ShadowPlay.

For full details of the release, see below:

New in GeForce R331 Drivers

  • Performance Boost – Increases performance by up to 19% for GeForce 400/500/600/700 series GPUs in several PC games vs. GeForce 327.23 WHQL-certified drivers. Results will vary depending on your GPU and system configuration. Here is one example of measured gains:

        GeForce GTX 690/770/780/TITAN:

  • Up to 12% in Battlefield 4Up to 19% in Sniper Elite V2Up to 13% in Dirt: ShowdownUp to 9% in Metro: Last LightUp to 9% in Sleeping DogsUp to 8% in Max Payne 3Up to 6% in F1 2012
  • SLI Technology
  • Batman: Arkham Origins – updated profileBattlefield 4 – updated profileShadow Warrior – added DX9 profileWar of the Vikings – added DX11 profileDragon Sword - updated DX9 profileGRID 2 - updated DX11 profileEuro Truck Simulator 2 - updated profile
  • 3D VisionShadow Warrior – "Excellent"Call of Duty: Ghosts – "Fair"The Wolf Among Us – "Good"
  • 4K DisplaysAdds support for 4K Surround

Additional Details

  • Installs new PhysX System Software 9.13.0725
  • Installs HD Audio v1.3.26.4
  • Installs GeForce Experience v9.3.16.0
  • Includes support for applications built using CUDA 5.5 or earlier version of the CUDA Toolkit. More information at http://developer.nvidia.com/cuda-toolkit
  • Supports OpenGL 4.3 for GeForce 400 series and later GPUs
  • Supports DisplayPort 1.2 for GeForce GTX 600 series GPUs
  • Supports multiple languages and APIs for GPU computing: CUDA C, CUDA C++, CUDA Fortran, OpenCL, DirectCompute, and Microsoft C++ AMP
  • Supports single GPU and NVIDIA SLI technology on DirectX 9, DirectX 10, DirectX 11, and OpenGL, including 3-way SLI, Quad SLI, and SLI support on SLI-certified Intel and AMD motherboards

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  • bochica
    Anybody having issues on the two recent drivers for 500 series on Win 7? I know some of the newer drivers made them almost inoperable, and my laptop with a 700m series/Win 8 is having issues too.
  • dustructo
    YEAH and this driver is just as bad as the last 2 drivers. stick with 327.23 if you like gaming performance and Folding power! FAIL! shame on you Nvidia!
  • mapesdhs
    bochica, users on various forums report that 314.22 is a stable release for 500
    series GPUs (I too had issues with newer drivers). I'm still using 314.22 on my
    GTX 580 configs, except for one which has 310.90 for testing purposes to match
    an equivalent Quadro driver.


  • Cryio
    What? Two WHQL drivers in one week?
  • Cryio
    Yeah, anything above 314.22 was FUBAR for a GTX 560 Ti for example. I've started using these 331.xx drivers and everything is alright with the world again. For me at least.
  • Ordalium
    Same problem to me too! 550 Ti, they messed up drivers from february until now ! None after 314 works, BSOD, hard resets!
    It's includes all Fermi cards - 400, 500, some 600 mobile series!
    Like we all know, nothing changes with new branch release, just renaming!
    And this news is bad commercial for Nvidia, next my V-card will be from AMD !
    Yeah, a lot increse in games up to 10 % with each driver release, just none after 314 works for a lot ppl!
  • soldier44
    Good to go, BF4 in 7 more hours with my GTX 780 and 2560 x 1600 display Im ready for battle!
  • mapesdhs
    Something not covered by articles about drivers releases of this kind is whether they
    really offer any benefit with respect to performance improvements for users of older
    cards, ie. all 400/500 series. The NVIDIA description is vague and never cites an
    example that specifically refers to an older card.


  • Eximo
    Odd, haven't had a single issue with any of the driver updates in the past 3 years or so with a GTX580.
  • Shankovich
    Wow my 560 is going ham with this. Back to 327.23 for me. I really hope this isn't nVidia trying to make me upgrade -_-