LG Tweaks Google Nexus 5 Hardware to Fix Minor Issues

Image credit: XDA DevelopersImage credit: XDA Developers

The Nexus 5 is one of our favorite phones of the year, but it isn't without issues. Early adopters complained about low volume and loose power button. While neither of these issues are deal breakers for those of us on Team Tom's using the Nexus 5, LG and Google have taken the imperfections to heart and have already rolled out revised hardware.

Now reports are surfacing from the web that a slightly tweaked Nexus 5 is shipping out now. There are now larger holes for the speaker grill that may help to let more sound out. The latest update to Android 4.4.2 also boosts volume in some cases. The ceramic power and volume keys seem to be adjusted as well to sit tighter with the phone.

Image credit: XDA DevelopersImage credit: XDA Developers 

This won't do much to help make early adopters feel better, but at least it's a sign that Google and LG are taking these issues to heart. This isn't the first time a Nexus was tweaked shortly after release. The Nexus 4's all-glass back made it slippery and prone to gliding off whichever surface it rested on, so a revision added two "nipples" to the bottom of the phone to help it stay put when set down.

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  • tmk221
    Apple please take the same approach as Google and LG. If something does not work it's not becouse the customer holds it wrong...
  • g00fysmiley
    got mine day 1 and i don't rfeel like the power button or speaker volume is bad btu hey more power to them for fixing and adjusting for waht people want... the only thing i would change about my nexus 5 personalyl is make the battery easier to replace. but i have a pwoer bank so when it is low i just cable to that instead of my galaxy nexus wherei would just replace the battery ... jsut the power bank is much larger nd bulky to carry around
  • DarkSable
    I noticed the volume being low from the day I got it, but that was fixed with the software update. Never had an issue with the buttons - mine are fine. But if this helps other people from having that issues, good for LG!

    I personally absolutely love what I got for $300 - a phone capable of anything I ask it to, including emulating the N64 perfectly and playing games as recent as Civilization III.