Nvidia's 55nm GeForce 9’s Getting New Names

Some of the current naming conventions used in Nvidia cards tends to confuse some consumers. Nvidia has release GeForce 8 and 9 series cards based on the G92 GPU with names such as GTX, GT, GS, etc. According to a TG Daily report, Nvidia will be releasing a third G9x based series with a new name.

The new naming convention will apparently apply to all 55nm GeForce 9 series cards as the GT 100 series. TG Daily says “By the end of 2008, Nvidia will be offering today’s 9000 series as G100, GT130, GT140 and G150 models.” The new names might make more sense to average consumers interested in the graphics card wagon. For the record, Nvidia already offers 55nm GeForce 9 cards — 9800 GT and 9800 GTX.

TG Daily also mentions that Nvidia also has newer GTX 200 series cards ready to launch on October 15th. The article did not go into much more detail than that. With any luck, maybe the launch has something to do with the 55nm GT200 die-shrink we have read about a few times since May of this year.

Original TG Daily report here.

  • chaohsiangchen
    Just when you think NVIDIA can't get it more confusing, they hit you by surprise with new naming scheme that is even more confusing than before.

    How about downsizing marketing department and hire more MIT grad engineers to help you build faster cards?
  • one-shot
    AHH! More names, what do we do!! I hope this will be less confusing than AMD's new naming scheme of Cpu's.
  • calamit
    lol, so the 9800GTX+ is gonna be dicontinued and then redbranded as GTX1-something
  • warezme
    CalTech graduate would take offense to that..., or maybe not
  • falchard
    Its like AMDs naming department are 2 seperate entities. The ATI cards are the most sensibily named pieces of hardware, and the AMD processors are trying to compete for offsounding names with nVidia. C'mon then GTX260 Core 316? Why not just call its the GTX270...
  • rocky1234
    This is becoming Classic Nvidia with all these renaming schemes they like to do it just confuses the Customers even more now. Then they think oh we can rename the 9 series again & get customers to buy these thinking hey we are getting the latest & greatest tech not knowing they are basically buying tech based on 2 gens old.

    Oh boy a die shrink 200 series wow cool yay. This is just to cut costs & beat AMD/ATI. I am almost willing to bet that when Nvidia releases these new 200 series cards that AMD/ATI will come out with a surprise driver update that enables the sideport feature on the Radeon 4870x2 cards since this feature is now disabled by them. I can not see them talking about this feature so much for so long then when the cards hit the streets they said hey it works but we could not see any real advantage to having it enabled so we left it turned off. So I think this is the hidden card AMD/ATI are holding for the next Nvidia release at least I hope it is anyways.

  • lamorpa
    You should make the grammar consistant in the first paragraph:

    Some of the current name convention use in Nvidia card tend to confuse some consumer. Nvidia has release GeForce 8 and 9 series card base on the G92 GPU with name such as GTX, GT, GS, etc. Accord to a TG Daily report, Nvidia will be release a third G9x base series with a new name.
  • hannibal
    Well, there were article about sideport, and it was said that the difference was minimal and not worth of all the trouble. There are some timing problems left, and not really need for that extra bandwide at this moment. But maybe in future when more information is needed between several cards...
  • Mucke
    Oh great! Right now we have 4 numbers (9400, 9500, 9600 and 9800 + the confusing part: GS, GSO, GT, GTS, GTX); in the new scheme there will be -TADAAA- 4 numbers (100, 130, 140, 150). Since there will probably be the same number of models that means that we can look forward to another GS, GSO,...

    To me it doesn't look like like nvidia wants to "make more sense to the average customer". Perhaps they hope that the average customer will upgrade his GeForce9600 to a GeForce140 -- the identical model.
  • rocky1234
    Hannibal you may be right about that but it does seem strange that a company that made such a big stink about this feature on those cards for so long that just before they released it they side oh its not gonna help the cards enough to make a difference & the added power usage just does not warrant the performance gained from having side port enabled so we turned it off & we leave it up to the manufactures if they want to run the traces for this feature or not. All I know is my Sapphire 4870x2 shows that it is there but disabled at this time.

    Like I said you are most likely right but it sure would be a ace up their sleeves if it does work & they are just waiting for the right moment to enable it for some extra bandwidth between each GPU even if it was only a 5% to 10% performance boost that would put them back in the race when Novidia releases their not so great 280 series.

    No the (Novidia) was not a typo I am at the point that after all the stunts Novidia has pulled the last year with high prices & this renaming crap I would not have another one on my system until they get their act together & this is coming from wgat used to be a die hard Novidia fan but not any more.