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OnePlus 'Perfect Phone' Will Have 3100 mAh Non-removable Battery

The OnePlus One will have a 3100 mAh battery, which is a decent size, but perhaps not as big as some were hoping. Unfortunately, it is also non-removable, something I am sure many users would have liked to have seen. In a forum post Peter Lau, OnePlus founder, explained its reasoning for going with this size:

“The battery was another big decision for us. Our foremost concern was implementing a battery that would last long enough for a full day of normal, daily tasks without users having to worry about lowering the brightness, closing all their apps, or disabling Bluetooth or data services.We also wanted the battery to fit in a slim, compact body that is easy to hold, operate and carry around. With these two goals in mind, we ultimately decided on a 3100 mAh non-removable battery for the OnePlus One. The decision was clear for us. A removable battery would have meant adding a protective layer to the motherboard as well as extra circuitry, resulting in a smaller battery (2500mAh, 20% less battery juice!) or a significantly thicker phone.With our configuration, the battery will last long enough to get even the most active users through an entire day of use without adding bulk to the overall build and design.”

OnePlus also shared a teaser image of the battery.

One thing to note is that the combination of a 3100 mAh battery and a Snapdragon 800 SoC is very similar to the combination found in the LG G2. If the OnePlus One has a similar screen size and resolution, we can probably expect it to have similar battery life to the G2. Our testing of the G2 showed that it could play a 1080p video continuously for 10.5 hours, which is pretty good. The “Mystery Tech” that OnePlus is using should hopefully give it even better battery life.

The next specification of the OnePlus One will be announced on March 11th, and on the same day we will also be posting an exclusive interview with OnePlus’s Carl Pei, Director of OnePlus Global, with lots more information about its new phone, so check back with us then.

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  • icemunk
    Someone should build a phone with one of those monster battery packs in them... like the 30,000Mah one, just to show it can be done.
  • elcentral
    Someone should build a phone with one of those monster battery packs in them... like the 30,000Mah one, just to show it can be done.
    its going to sell. some people at least 20% would like 2 weeks of battery life with simpler hardware. and a bit of ruff exterior.
  • -Fran-
    As long as they include and SD slot, it will be a good phone.Cheers!
  • brarboy
    One Plus(+) One= 2(Specs released)
  • JQB45
    If you can not remove/replace the battery then its not perfect.
    I'd be willing to carry around a brick if it lasted me a week on a charge. I'm not most people, though. Sucks. I've heard of cases that add more life to your battery, but the downside of such cases is that they don't fit into any vehicle or HD mounts, then.
  • dthx
    Based on my past experience with many Cyanogenmod based roms (on HTC Sensation, HTC One X and HTC One S), I can tell that a 3100mAh battery is no luxury at all. Even the so called leanest kernels with battery friendly governors and no OC were still killing my battery much faster than the (choppy) HTC roms...Not convinced until I will read a detailed test of this phone.