Orbbec Releases Open Source Version Of Astra SDK For Persee 3D Camera

We recently reported on Orbbec's Astra and Persee cameras and the Indiegogo campaign that the company launched to bring its 3D "computer-camera" to market. With just under two weeks left of the campaign, Orbbec is making the tools needed to create software for the Persee camera available to anyone who wants it. Starting today, Orbbec's open source Astra SDK beta will be available through GitHub, allowing interested developers the chance to begin building experiences and applications for the upcoming 3D camera.

The first version of the software developer kit supports Windows and OS X environments, as well as the creative coding framework known as Processing. Orbbec stated that support for Linux and Android operating systems is coming in the future, along with support for openFrameworks, Unity 3D and Cinder framework.

Orbbec said that it is committed to building an open ecosystem and a culture of innovation to help accelerate the advancement of 3D technologies. By making the SDK open source and available on GitHub, Orbbec believes it is laying the building blocks to help 3D app development take off.

In addition to the Astra SDK release, Orbbec announced an update to the Indiegogo campaign. The company said that if 1,000 or more Persee units are sold during the campaign, every backer will receive a custom-designed Persee battery pack, free of charge.

Orbbec said the Persee battery pack will enable completely wireless use for two to three hours and can be hot-swapped for continuous usage. The batteries are also available to order if you want extras or if the sales goal isn't reached. The cameras will sell for $50 and are expected to ship in the spring of 2016.

Orbbec's Persee Indiegogo campaign has 11 days left to go. The company was seeking $40,000, but the campaign has already raised nearly $100,000 in pledges. Astra cameras purchased through Indiegogo will ship in November. Pursee shipments are expected to start in February 2016.

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