Tasty Raspberry Pi Project Cooks Up Actual Raspberry Pie

Raspberry Pi
(Image credit: Steve Kasuya)

We’re surprised it’s taken us this long to find a Raspberry Pi project that actually makes a Raspberry Pie but here we are! This tasty development was put together by a maker known as Steve Kasuya. Kasuya is the mastermind behind Raspi-School, a website dedicated to teaching the basic behind the Raspberry Pi to help new makers get started with projects of their own.

In a post shared to X/Twitter, Kasuya unveiled news that he would be part of an event hosted in Akihabara. At this event, he and his team will be showing off their latest and tastiest creation—a Raspberry Pi-powered temperature-controlled oven. What better food to demonstrate its capabilities than a Raspberry Pie?

The event requires a fee at the door but attendees have plenty of cool things to check out once inside. Kasuya and his team will be showcasing the Pi-powered oven and how it’s able to bake the pie as well as explaining the details of the project in a lecture. Of course, you also can taste the pie when it’s thoroughly cooled.

If you’re thinking to yourself that surely such a delicious project needs to be chased down with a nice drink—don’t worry. Kasuya has you covered with this Pico-powered gaming kettle. Now you can brew up some tea in style thanks to the Pico’s dazzling RGB LED effects. In the demo video, we see the LEDs illuminate only when the kettle is stationed on the base.

According to Kasuya, there are plans in the works to upgrade the project with even more features. Specifically, he would like to include a temperature sensor so the LEDs would change color corresponding with the temperature of the water inside. If you want to see if the water is getting warm, all you have to do is glance at the pot to see the color changing to know for sure!

Steve Kasuya has tons of cool Raspberry Pi projects you can check out. He posts new content regularly and takes time to reach out to the community with tutorials whenever possible.

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