Raspberry Pi Powers Green Screen Photo Booth for Wedding

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(Image credit: CommunityFan89)

The Raspberry Pi community is a lovely bunch, and when it comes to their wedding ceremonies, it’s no surprise to find a Pi or two thrown in to enhance the celebration. Not long ago, we covered a Pi-powered bullet time effect booth for another wedding. Today, we’re sharing another wedding photo booth operated by a Raspberry Pi. This one was created by a user known as CommunityFan89 over at Reddit, who made a Raspberry Pi green screen photo booth.

One of the initial ideas CommunityFan89 had was to create a video booth. This would allow users to record custom clips in front of various backgrounds. However, this proved difficult for the Pi as it struggled to handle green screen video recording performance-wise. In the end, CommunityFan89 used a custom hotkey to capture screenshots.

On the big day, CommunityFan89 designated a couple of friends to help operate the controls for wedding guests. They were responsible for changing the background and capturing pictures with the hotkey. If you wanted to make a more user-friendly setup like this, you could modify it to use external buttons for alternating backgrounds and taking pictures.

The main board used in this project is a Raspberry Pi 4 8GB model. You could connect any camera for this project, but, in this case, CommunityFan89 uses an old phone for its camera and ability to connect to the Pi using a web browser. Of course, a green screen is also necessary, but green screen paint would work, too.

Details are scarce on how exactly the software side of the project works. CommunityFan89 shared information on the camera setup, confirming that an old phone and an IP Webcam app are being used. This allows Pi to access the camera feed using a web browser over a local IP.

If you want to look at this Raspberry Pi project, check out the original thread shared on Reddit.

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