Raspberry Pi Wireless Scales Project Weighs In On The Community

Raspberry Pi
(Image credit: Hexabitz)

The makers at Hexabitz have been busy piecing together their hexagonal-shaped modules into this awesome Raspberry Pi scale project. It's totally wireless and provides real-time weight readout using load cell sensor data.

The project uses a Raspberry Pi with the Hexabitz Raspberry Pi Interface Kit. This PCB plugs directly into the Raspberry Pi GPIO and can support additional Hexabitz add-on boards like the load cell sensor interface module used in this project.

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The load cell sensor interface module connects directly to a strain gauge load cell which is used to detect pressure between the two plates used in the scale. The system can be programmed to output either metric or imperial units.

As we mentioned, the project is wireless and sends the weight information to a cloud server. Users can receive data from the Pi via SMS or access the custom weight tracking dashboard using a browser window.

To see this project in action, check out the full demo from Hexabitz on Twitter. Visit our list of Best Raspberry Pi Projects for more cool creations from the maker community.

Ash Hill
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