Raspberry Pi SNES Controller Handheld Has Its Own Screen

Raspberry Pi
(Image credit: Josh, Restore Techniques)

The Raspberry Pi retrogaming community has been hard at work over the last few years to master the portable handheld. This awesome SNES controller RetroPie rig, created by Josh from Restore Technique, gets us one step closer to ultimate retro gaming perfection.

For this project, Josh decided to use an actual SNES controller as the housing. Inside is a Raspberry Pi, powering the display and running a special edition of RetroPie.

Above is the first part of the assembly video, you can find part 2 here.

Because the Pi needed to fit inside of a SNES controller, a Raspberry Pi Zero module was used. It's using a Waveshare GamePi15 HAT which provides a screen and controller button input.

Raspberry Pi

(Image credit: Josh, Restore Techniques)

According to Josh, it's running a prebuilt image of PinkyPi, based on RetroPie 4.5.1. To emulate SNES ROMs, he decided to use PiSNES as the primary emulator.

If you want to see more, check out Josh's content at the Restore Technique channel on YouTube. Visit our list of Best Raspberry Pi Projects for more cool creations from the maker community.

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