Ignore That Fishy Email From Razer

Consider this a PSA: Razer issued a press release warning that it’s been the victim of scammers, and malicious emails that seem to be from the company are circulating. Specifically, it targets streamers, purporting to offer a free sponsorship.

The warning reads in part:

A fake email offering a free streamer sponsorship from Razer hit the Internet last week. This email is a scam and recipients should not click on any of the links within the email as it will launch a malware application.

Razer noted some clues that the email you received is a fake (stop us if this is all obvious):

  • The email is from a Gmail account, not a Razer address
  • The email address has a misspelling: “Razorzonesponsorship”
  • The body of the email is rife with grammar and spelling errors

Razer further stated it "does not send out sponsorship deals via email. Interested streamers are encouraged to sign up at Razer’s bona fide site." The company did not suggest any particular recourse for affected users, but if you clicked the links in the email, you probably have malware now. You should scan your system with your malware detector of choice.

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  • brandonclone1
    Might want to proofread this article lol
    "...to be from the are"
  • scolaner
    1619381 said:
    Might want to proofread this article lol "...to be from the are"

    Fixed, thx.
  • joshyboy82
    People get real or fake Razer emails? Suckers.