Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 Hits UK

If you can forget the Galaxy S4, the Galaxy Note 3, and the Galaxy Gear, and cast your mind back to early summer, you might remember Samsung's unveiling of the Galaxy Ace 3. The Galaxy Ace 3 is a budget-oriented phone that aims to provide solid specs with an entry-level price tag. Released in July, it looks like Samsung's affordable Galaxy is finally available in the UK.


Android Central cites Samsung as saying Galaxy Ace 3 will be available on EE first, followed by other "selected retailers," including Tesco and Carphone Warehouse, at a later date.

The phone comes in three variants: a single SIM model with 3G HSDPA support (GT-S7270), a dual SIM model with 3G HSDPA support (GT-S7272) (only in select regions), and a 4G LTE model (GT-S7275). All models come equipped with Android 4.2.2, including the Samsung Apps store along with the Google Play Store.

As far as hardware is concerned, you're looking at a 4-inch screen with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels, a 5MP camera with LED Flash as well as a forward facing VGA camera, 1 GB of RAM, and expandable micro SDHC (up to 32 GB) storage. The 4G variant has a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor and 8 GB of internal storage, while the other two models have to settle for a slower 1 GHz processor and 4 GB of internal storage. Connectivity comes in the form of WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0 and GPS, with a 1,500 mAh battery to power it all. Given its availability on EE, it appears the UK is getting the 4G model. All models are available in both black or white, measure 121.2 x 62.7 x 9.8 mm and weigh only 119 grams.

The phone has not yet debuted on EE's website, though it was supposed to be available from October 5.

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  • belardo
    It has a few different names in the USA... its junk. For a budget Android phone, get an LG... they are quite good.

    The low-end Galaxy gets VERY HOT and a very short battery life. Its a cute little phone... but a POS.
  • salgado18
    Funny, that's the same specs as the good old Galaxy S, which was top of the line a few years ago. I have one, and it's quite good, this might be a nice budget phone with a dual core.

    That said, I have to agree with belardo, there are other better and cheaper phones around.
  • bombebomb
    Reminds me of my Galaxy Exhilarate, 1GB of ram, low storage, 1.2ghz processor. Paid $200 a year ago it's worth about $80 used now. Still works well though considering.
  • doomtomb
    Samsung should be smarter than this. Everyone knows releasing cheap products is going to dilute the good Galaxy name.