Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12-inch Screen Pushes Boundaries

Samsung had one of the biggest press conferences at CES 2014 and the company didn’t waste any time on stage. Among new TVs, fridges, stoves, dishwashers and more, the company surprised us with the unveiling of two new lines of tablets. 

The Galaxy Note PRO series builds on Samsung’s successful Note line of phablets, except this Note is definitely all tablet. Measuring 12.2 inches in size, the device boasts the world’s first 12.2-inch WQXGA 16:10 display as well as Samsung’s own Magazine UI, which is optimized for larger screen real estate. Magazine includes a dashboard with automatic news feed or updates and Multi Window, which allows you to open four windows at once by splitting the screen into four separate panels. 

On the hardware side of things you’re looking at either a Snapdragon 800 or a Samsung Exynos 5 (the former is for LTE, the latter for WiFi and 3G), an 8-megapixel camera, a 2-megapixel lens up front, 3 GB of RAM, up to 63 GB of storage, and S Pen support. The device runs on Android 4.4 with Samsung’s own UI on top.

No word on pricing just yet but we'll keep you posted.

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  • Au_equus
    still can't believe they leave a year old SOC in their updated tablet lineups
  • vmem
    anyone say Metro UI?
  • soldier44
    Bezel still too thick, make it edge to edge then I'll consider one.
  • user 18
    What's wrong with a bezel on a tablet? Looks like a good amount of space for fingers to me. In particular something this big, I want to be able to grip the edge, as I can't wrap my whole hand around it like I could with a phone or even a smaller tablet.
  • BluePhantom
    I agree, I think considering the overall size of it, the bezel is almost perfectly sized to make it actually functional and esthetically pleasing to the eye.
  • maaen
    User removable battery is essential matter how large ....external charger for the battery and easy availability of spare batteries.A Micro SD card bus with 3 or 4 memory cards operated by a switch....that is also something Samsung should include in its tablets.A seven inch long S.Pen and just a little bit fatter and not so slippery around the stem....that would help to hold it for extra maneourability.Incorporate all the above into the Note tablet essentials and Samsung will have a successful product family for a very long time to come.
  • Cash091
    The bezel is perfect. I've used the note 2014 10.1 in and its amazing. They are using year old SoC's but that does not put much of a damper on anything. The RAM is fast enough for multitasking with ease. I'm not interested in gaming on tablets at all... The only mobile gaming I do is with a moga controller and emulators. My main purpose is Netflix and calendar/email stuff. The 4 way split is a nice feature. I use multi window on the note 8 and S4 all the time. The only feature I WANT is the air pen stuff. Drawing a window anywhere on the screen is awesome.
  • eklipz330
    what retard wants no bezel on a tablet? seriously, bezel is good. this is the perfect amount of bezel
  • Grandmastersexsay
    Samsung's My Magazine app sucks balls. I hope it dies a miserable death, and the A-hole MBA dick at Samsung who brought us this crap contracts an embarrassing and painful STD.

    My Magazine is the most annoying feature on my Note 3. I wouldn't mind if it was like many of the other Samsung apps that are easily ignored, but double tapping the home button or swipping down on the home screen brings it up by default. You can turn off the double tap home button feature, but only after agreeing to My Magazine's terms and conditions. The swipe down method can not be turned off. Rooting your device and freezing My Magazine with an app like Titanium Backup results in Touch Wiz crashing whenever the home button is double tapped or when you swipe down on the home screen.

    If this was some useful app, maybe I could understand, but this is a horrible horrible program that only exists to gather targeted advertising data. Who wants to use this junk? If you want to look at Facebook, use your app or browser. Same goes for news feeds and every other waste of time stupid app that you should just use a browser for. Even if you are that stupid that you want all your media presented through one crippeling interface, Flipboard works much better.

    Way to force a nice steaming pile of crap down our throats Samsung. This is not how you gain loyalty.
  • Grandmastersexsay
    Who the hell would thumbs down my criticism of My Magazine? Explain your actions so the world can know your idiocy.