Sandisk puts 4 GB into your cellphone

Barcelona (Spain) - Flash memory cards reach the next stage with finger nail-sized MicroSDHC cards hitting the 4 GB mark.

If you really want to, you soon can store about 1000 MP3 tracks on your cellphone and you do not necessarily need Nokia's N91 hard drive phone to do so. Sandisk today said that it will begin offering a 4 GB MicroSDHC card later this year.

SDHC is a recently introduced designation for any SD or SD-based card that is larger than 2 GB and follows the new SD 2.00 specification that is required for cards and hosts to support capacities ranging from 4 GB to 32 GB.

Although MicroSD and MicroSDHC cards are identical in terms of physical size, today's cellphones that are equipped with a MicroSD card slot will not be able to support MicroSDHC cards. Vice versa, upcoming phones that integrate MicroSDHC slot will be able to support MicroSD cards.

A Sandisk spokesperson told TG Daily that 4 GB MicroSDHC cards are already in production, but won't we available in retail stores until MicroSDHC-capable phones are launched. Pricing of the 4 GB card has not been announced, but should be about twice the price of today's 2 GB MicroSD cards, which currently sell for an average of $52, according to