Segway goes farther and off-roading with two new models

Bedford (NH) - Segway, makers of the famous self-righting scooter of the same name, is rolling out two new models that have longer range and can even go off the beaten path. The i2 model can travel up to 24 miles on a single charge, while the x2 has rugged tires to take on trails and rough terrain. Both models also have a new wireless remote which functions like a car remote.

The new i2 is an updated model of Segway's original "Personal Transporter". New lithium-ion batteries power the i2 for 24 miles, which is twice the range of the original mode. The i2 weighs 105 pounds and comes in either gloss white or anodized black.

The original Segway was used mainly on smooth pavement and sidewalks, but the new x2 model will glide riders over rugged terrain and mountain trails. Taking a cue from mountain bike makers, the x2 will use large knobby tires, inflated at low pressure, to absorb shock and move over small obstacles. Because of the tires, the x2 will weigh 15 pounds more than the i2 and travel only 12 miles on a charge.

Segway has changed the turning mechanism on the new models. Riders can now lean in the direction they want to travel instead of having to turn the handle bar like the original transporter. The i2 and the x2 will also include a new wireless controller called the InfoKey. The controller will activate an anti-theft alarm which will lock up the wheel and sound an alarm when tripped. InfoKey will also act as a battery gauge, odometer and speedometer when connected to the Segway.

Both the i2 and x2 are currently available through Segway. The i2 sells for $4995 while the x2 retails for $5495. Segway will halt production of previous versions.