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Sony Not Ready to Abandon PS3 Even With Next-Gen Coming

The message? It's not going to be easy to handle two consoles at the same time, but Sony will hold on to the PS3 as a platform in the foreseeable time.

In an interview published by CVG, Sony's managing director for the UK, Fergal Gara, positioned the current PS3 as a viable gaming platform Sony will not drop anytime soon.

"We're nowhere close to giving up on PS3," Gara said. "When you look at the UK market, it's easy to say that current consoles are fading. But if you look at PS3, it's holding up a lot better than others, so it warrants support."

He also indicated that gamers should not be expecting any dramatic price cuts. Those who would want to update from an older PS3 now could opt for the 12 GB entry level model and take their HDD with game data with them.

However, Gara said that there will be some issues when the PS3 is transitioned to the PS4 on the software side. "We do have a challenge to manage that, particularly in terms of dev studio resources," he said. "The more platforms you have, and the amount of rich content you have to deliver on all the systems you are supporting, clearly puts pressure on decisions made across the studio network, which is something we are battling with."

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