SpeedForce: A Fitness Wearable For Your Bike

In an age where wearables continue to soar in popularity, companies are trying their hand at modernizing other forms of fitness data. What started as a simple wristband to track walking and running statistics, as well as the amount of calories burned, has spread to swimmers, climbers, and other forms of athletics. In this case, the digital revolution's next stop is bikes, with the introduction of a new device called SpeedForce.

The device is placed on top of the bike's stem, so that it sits between the two handlebars for easy viewing. It sports a 1.6-inch full-color screen with a 320 x 320 resolution. According to the company of the same name, the SpeedForce can record a variety of data such as current altitude, slope, speed, and current cadence. It also provides GPS directions and a few coaching programs to keep you motivated throughout the ride, and it even includes a light to illuminate up to 30 feet ahead if you prefer biking at night. With all this recorded data, the device is estimated to have a 40-hour battery life.

Of course, all of this requires the help of your smartphone by syncing the device through the SpeedX Cycling app. This allows you to record and collect data over time. In terms of navigation, SpeedForce will work with your phone's GPS to locate you and provide the right directions to your destination. Pedal and wheel sensors are also included, as well as a wristband to keep track of your pulse.

The company made two versions of the SpeedForce: one for road bikes and another for mountain bikes. Both seem to offer the same type of data, but the mountain bike version is slightly shorter in length and tailored to fit on the bike's slightly larger stem. Both products are set to launch in February 2016, but between now and its release, the company is holding a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, where users can pre-order it for $159.


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  • JoeMomma
    Avocet has made this kind of thing for years. I have an old one on my bike and I am sure their new products are miles ahead of this. I wish these guys well, it looks like it could be a good product, but I'm not impressed.
    Speedforce is way ahead of Avocet on all fronts - design, functionality, integration and much more. One drawback for road bikers is weight at 350 grams (but only if you are a weight fanatic).
  • JackNaylorPE
    1. No heart rate accessory ? Without that, I don't see it having significant impact.

    2. Also if you need your smartphone to provide a screen for the GPS to work, it kinda makes the screen redundant.

    3. As for mountain bikes, would have been interested in knowing if it had a trail application to go along with it.

    4. Again, for the mountain bikers, how's it stand up to shock and vibration, for those frequent tumbles and trees that like to jump out in front of you ?