Raspberry Pi Edition of SpookyGhost Animation Tool Released

Raspberry Pi
(Image credit: Encelo, SpookyGhost)

If you want to make games for the Raspberry Pi, why not make them on a Pi? SpookyGhost is an open-source animation tool created by developer Encelo that can animate sprites. According to this post recently shared to Reddit, SpookyGhost officially received a port just for the Raspberry Pi.

SpookyGhost can help artists who need to create a variety of procedural animations for 2D sprites. It provides a GUI designed with Dear ImGui, an open-source C++ library for creating interfaces to adjust pixel color, sprite size, position, and more. Users can also program custom animations using Lua scripts.

Encelo explains in the thread that all input and output are currently handled through PNG file types. The animations produced by SpookyGhost can be exported as separate files for each frame or into one sprite sheet.

The best Raspberry Pi projects are flexible, and SpookyGhost is available on a variety of platforms. You can find support for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android on the official website. But for those who want to see the source code, you’ll have to head over to GitHub,

For more information and a peek at the questions answered by Encelo, check out the original Reddit thread and be sure to follow Encelo for future updates. 

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