VIDEO - Fire Your Database Administrator With Blist

Palm Desert (CA) - Database administration and creation has always been relegated to pointy head techie types, but start-up company Blist claims to have developed the world's easiest database. The web application makes database creation as simple as dragging data types like pictures, lists or even documents into the creation page. Watch our video of Blist's demonstration from the DEMO Conference in Palm Desert California.

Blist databases can hold lists, pictures and even web links

DEMO 08 VIDEO - Blist shows off the "world's easiest database"

Company reps first showed off the data types that Blist can hold. You can have columns and cells that hold text lists of infinite length. Cells have also hold nested tables. Multimedia-wise, columns can store photos, files or Office documents. You can even pop in website URLs and a site thumbnail pops up when you hover your cursor over the link.

Ok, but what if you are tasked with making a database? In the past, non-techie types have tried to jury rig Microsoft Excel into a database, but this doesn't really work. In the above video you can see databases created in seconds by just dragging data types into the creation page.

Blist is currently in beta testing.