Soda Attack Victim Says YouTube Apology Not Enough


New York (NY) - Yesterday we brought you the story of two teenagers who were ordered by a judge to post a YouTube apology for a soda attack on a fast food worker. The pair videotaped the attack and posted it on YouTube and the judge probably wanted to fit the punishment with the crime, but the victim says there should have been more punishment.

32-year-old Jessica Ceponis is a Taco Bell worker and is clearly seen taking a face-full of soda from the 15 and 16-year-old kids. In a practice known as ’fire in the hole’, teenagers lob the sodas back at the workers while shouting the same phrase. Appearing on the Today Show, along with the teens’ attorney, Ceponis says the teens haven’t personally apologized to her and worse you can’t even see their faces or names on the YouTube apology. So while Ceponis has been publically humiliated, these teens get to issue a faceless apology.

The teens’ attorney counters by saying Florida law protect the identities of teenagers. Furthermore, he partially blamed YouTube for not taking down the other videos of ’fire in the hole’ attacks. He believes these videos just encourage teens to do copycat attacks. Geez, what ever happened to accepting personal responsibility for your actions?

View the video ... Today Show via Breitbart

  • velocityg4
    Besides a public flogging. These teens should have to publicly apologize.
  • Darkstar
    These teens should be publicly pelted with stoned.
  • bloodymaze
    They should be hung at the gallows! OFF WITH THEIR HEADS! lol -- Oh well -- The judge ordered judgement, end of story.
  • Reynod
    "Fire in the hole" !!!

    *throws large coke at Humphrey*
  • I'm more and more disgusted each day.
    Until someone can actually deal with these 'out-of-control' imbeciles, I suggest we take a baseball bat to all their heads.

    ... And no, I am not joking.. Darwinism should be something we aim for, not something we try to disprove!
  • These stupid kids need to have their asses handed to them. The lawyer is blaming youtube, really? He doesnt think youtube is responsible, he just knows that youtube has money to take. Worthless justice system, worthless kids.