A Standalone, at a Price: hp photosmart 7350


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Modelphotosmart 7350
Price (US)$200
Price (EU)€ 299
Resolution4800 x 1200 dpi
Number of cartridges2 (color + photo)
Price for set of cartridges (US)$60
Price for set of cartridges (EU)77 €
Number of colors6
Speed, B&W10 ppm
Speed, color11 ppm
Connectivityparallel & USB 2 Full Speed
Number of nozzles600

Despite the great quality of its photos, the terrific detail, the brightness and resistance of its colors, we still find it a bit difficult to recommend the 7350. The other photosmarts seem to be much more useful. The 7150 (US$150/ €179) may not have card readers, but it is much cheaper for print quality that is just as good.

The more upmarket 7750 is more expensive, but it's more suitable if you want a card reader for better ease-of-use and to save you some time. It has three standard cartridges and a photo preview window, which is very handy for browsing and selecting snaps to print.

For the final chart below, we go on the basis that US$100 of ink per year is already an ample amount to pay. Work it out: if you average out the costs in either dollar or euro, how many photos and pages of text can you print per month? In the following, you can see our verdict in two situations - one for those who print 70% text and the other for those who print 70% photos: