A Standalone, at a Price: hp photosmart 7350

Estimated Cost Per Page

No surprises here - with the photosmart 7350, ink costs per page are higher than the average. We based our calculations on the cartridges that come with the printer, i.e., the color cartridge (57 - cyan, magenta, yellow) and the one called "photo" (58 - light cyan, light magenta and black).

To recap, the costs per page in black and white and color are calculated at a rate of 10% black ink covering the surface for monochrome, and 5% per color (5% black, 5% cyan, 5% magenta and 5% yellow) for color prints. Photo costs are based on the number of 10 x 15 cm prints you get, and they include the ink and the price of the photo paper recommended by the manufacturer (price of a sheet of A4 cut in 4, i.e., A6 = 10.5 x 14.8).

The photo mode also works out to be very expensive, costing more than lab prints.