VelociRaptor Returns: 6Gb/s, 600GB, And 10,000 RPM

Benchmark Results: Throughput

Throughput of up to 157 MB/s represents a 26% increase over the previous VelociRaptor. More importantly, the minimum transfer rate increased from 72.9 MB/s to 98.4 MB/s—an improvement of almost 35 percent.

Write performance is similar to the numbers we received on the read throughput test.

Modern 7,200 RPM drives, such as Samsung’s new Spinpoint F3, also deliver throughput exceeding 150 MB/s. However, continue reading and you'll see that these high-capacity drives may be good at delivering data sequentially, but they can’t compete with the VelociRaptor on application performance.

SATA 6Gb/s is cool, but not really necessary yet. Peak transfer rates for the new 600GB VelociRaptor remain largely unchanged.