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Kingston Releases SSDNow V200 Series SSDs

If Kingston's claim of both performance and price range ring true, the SSDNow V200 will be one of the best value to performance SSDs on the market for users. The SSDNow V200 uses SATA 6.0 Gb/s interface with a JMicron Controller. Kingston lists the performance of the new SSDNow V200, based on ATTO Disk Benchmark 2.41 / IOMeter:

  • Sequential Reads: 64GB — 260MB/s, 128GB — 300 MB/s, and 256GB — 300MB/s
  • Sequential Writes: 64GB —100MB/s, 128GB — 190MB/s, and 256GB — 230MB/s
  • 4k Random Read/Write: 64GB — up to 32K/up to 1.4K IOPS, 128GB — up to 36K/ up to 2.5K IOPS,256GB — up to 32K/ up to 4K IOPS

The SSDNow V200 is available in 64GB, 128GB and 256GB capacities as either a stand-alone drive or as an upgrade kit to make installation easy in a desktop. The desktop bundle kit includes the SSD, cloning software, DVD with step-by-step installation video, cables (SATA data and power), and 3.5-inch hard drive mounting brackets and hardware. The notebook bundle includes the SSD, DVD with step-by-step installation video, cloning software and a 2.5-inch external enclosure for easy OS and data transfer from HDD to SSD during cloning.

You can learn more about the SSDNow V200 series at its product page