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Samsung Sells Three TVs Per Second

South Korean technology giant, Samsung, has revealed that the company sells three televisions every second.

Samsung president BK Yoon stressed that the firm dominates the living room through its home appliances division. "Three Samsung TVs are sold every second. And in 2012 we made $184 billion in sales. We invest $9 billion every year in R&D to develop the next big products."

"We think innovation is truly the key to our company's success," he added. "That's how we are able to bring the world's first, best and amazing products to the market."

Forthcoming Samsung products associated with its home appliances arm include a new eco bubble washing machine, a new refrigerator and a robotic vacuum cleaner.

"We believe that the next big thing is home appliances. Why? Because the home is the most important place for all of us, in each country, in each culture. We want to make your home more pleasant and more enjoyable. We must understand the need of consumers around the globe."

Samsung, which has sold tens of millions of TV units through its 'Smart' television brand (including apps, in-built browser, etc.), revealed the world's largest ultra HD TV during CES 2013.

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