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AMD Radeon VII Supply Will Be Extremely Limited - Reports (Updated)

Update 02/10: Gibbo created a new thread on the Overclockers UK forums confirming that the Radeon VII supply is very limited. However, the British retailer expects several hundred more units to arrive in a few weeks, and around 1000 units by the end of February or early March.

Original Article:

A rumor started spreading around the web a couple of weeks ago alleging that less than 5,000 units of AMD's upcoming Radeon VII gaming graphics card will be available worldwide at launch. New reports this week seemingly lend credence to the claims. 

Andrew "Gibbo" Gibson, a representative from British computer hardware retailer Overclockers UK, said yesterday on the company's forum that less than 100 units are being allocated to the UK. Overclockers UK is said to have stacked a total of 44 units with more arriving in the coming days, which would mean the company would have the majority of the UK's allotment. 

A report today from French media Cowcotland says  France and Spain are getting 20 units each. According to the publication, the price for the Radeon VII has been established at 739€ with value-added tax (VAT) included. This translates to $840.06, which falls in line with AMD's MSRP of $699 after subtracting VAT from the price, since France and Spain have a VAT rate of 20 percent and 21 percent, respectively. Although with such a limited amount of units (allegedly), it's hard to picture the Radeon VII selling at that price point.

Rumor has it that due to the restricted time frame, AMD's partners didn't have enough time to prepare their custom models. So whether it be Sapphire, MSI, Asus or Gigabyte, it's expected that every brand will practically sell the same Radeon VII graphics card but in different packaging.

There is no word on when the next wave of Radeon VII shipments will arrive. Chinese factories have halted production in celebration of the Lunar New Year. While the normal downtime is a full work week, some factories extend the period up to three weeks. In a worst case scenario, the next production run could start late February. 

At the moment, there isn't any official information about the availability of the Radeon VII on this side of globe, but we'll keep our ears peeled and keep you updated.