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Report: AMD's Richland Flagship Will Be A10 6800K APU

According to Fudzilla, the high-end Richland APU will be called A10 6800K and replace the current 5800K.

The 3.8 GHz/4.2 GHz, quad-core 5800K sits on the top of AMD's APU series with four CPU cores, 384 Radeon (HD 7660D) cores, and a TDP of 100 watts. AMD will be able to squeeze more power efficiency out of the 28 nm Richland chips. On the high-end, it is unlikely that the company will be changing the power envelope, but rather increase the off-the-shelf clock speed, which should easily be touching 4 GHz/ 4.4 GHz. Richland will also include AMD's new HD 8000 Radeon graphics core.

The A10 6800K as well as other Richland APUs are expected to be announced in June of this year.

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