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PNY Serves Up 512GB USB Flash Drive In a Miniature Body For $100

PNY Elite-X Fit 512GB (Image credit: PNY)

There are many 512GB USB flash drives on the market, but very few come in a small presentation like PNY's Elite-X Fit offerings. As per a ComputerBase report, the Elite-X Fit is now available with a 512GB capacity.

The Elite-X Fit measures 2.16 x 1.52 x 1.55 cm, so it isn't a lot longer than the typical USB Type-A connector itself. The drive adheres to the USB 3.1 Gen 1 specification and, according to PNY, the Elite-X Fit 512GB (P-FDI512EXFIT-GE) delivers read speeds up to 200 MBps. PNY rates write performance as 30 times faster than USB 2.0 (3 MBps), which works out to 90 MBps.

Given the Elite-X Fit's dimensions, the SanDisk Ultra Fit is the only competitor within the same size class. The Ultra Fit, however, comes with a 2.97 x 1.42 x 0.51cm footprint, so the Elite-X Fit is a tad shorter. 

SanDisk advertises the Ultra Fit 512GB with a read speed up to 130 MBps. However, the manufacturer doesn't commit to a write speed, instead just touting performance up to 15 times faster than a normal USB 2.0 flash drive. By SanDisk's standards, USB 2.0 flash drives write up to 4 MBps, which would put the Ultra Fit's write performance to around 60 MBps. In summary, PNY's drive reads 53.8% and writes 50% faster than SanDisk's drive.

PNY sells the Elite-X Fit 512GB for $99.99 on the brand's online store. The Ultra Fit 512GB typically costs $10 less unless it's on sale. The Elite-X Fit 512GB is backed by a limited one-year warranty, which is a bit short considering that SanDisk offers a five-year warranty on the Ultra Fit.