Make Your Mark With The Elegoo Phecda

A photo of a sleek Elegoo Phecda laser engraver
(Image credit: Elegoo)

ELE – Electronics.
GOO – Googol, the 100th power of 10.
PHECDA – a hypergiant star.

Elegoo, one of the world's leading 3D printer design and manufacturing companies, is set to launch the sleek, precise and affordable Elegoo Phecda laser engraver.

And at an advanced purchase price of just $240 (10W) and $400 (20W), it’s up to 60% cheaper than its competition, starting on April 8th at 14:00 UTC. 

At its simplest, laser engraving is the process of removing wire-thin layers of material from a wide range of substances to etch intricate designs and fine details with accuracy. Incredible effects can be achieved with enough artistry and control. The Phecda has plenty of both. 

This ultra-affordable cost makes it accessible to enthusiasts, while still packing enough precision to appeal to creative professionals.

By making high quality laser engraving affordable to all, Elegoo hopes to bring this innovative technology to the widest possible audience, driving take up and ensuring people and machines alike fulfill their potential.

And the unit itself is as appealing as its price. A sleek, attractive affair about the size of a vinyl turntable and with a similar vintage aesthetic. With slim dimensions and a sleek finish, this is a machine that will slot unobtrusively into any home studio setup, while still having the looks and low profile to sit comfortably elsewhere in your home.

A creative sits by an Elegoo Phecda engraver in his workshop

(Image credit: Elegoo)

The Phecda comes in at 673mm wide, 660mm deep and just 190mm high, but despite the stowable size it still features a substantial 400mm by 400mm engraving plate. That’s big enough to fire your imagination and take your designs to a whole new level, whether you're just trying your hand on a personal project or developing a multiply-produced range of original creations. 

The heart of the machine is, of course, the laser itself. This offers up to 20W of power, balanced with a precise engraving depth of 0-8mm and spot diameter of 0.06mm.

Capable of working with metal, leather and wood, the endless creative applications range from clothing to sports equipment, custom collectibles to any kind of arts and craft work you can imagine.

Customize apparel, accessories and footwear, produce an endless range of embellishments and components, or create entirely original self-contained artwork. That’s all with the precision of a professional, and with the help of a few unique innovations.

In a departure from the usual vertical engraving structure, the Phecda features a redesigned laser head with left, middle and right components. The laser head height adjusts from 0-75mm. There's also a rotary axis module to easily engrave curved surfaces.

There's no compromise on efficiency either. With an engraving speed of 25,000 mm  (X Axis) and 18,000 mm (Y Axis) per minute, you can turn out an entire range of creations in a single sitting. Dual fans maximize heat dissipation and provide the stamina for longer sessions. 

Safety is an absolute priority. The Phecda is equipped with a magnetic visor and smoke filter, for a sealed and silent engraving environment. Safety goggles are included in the package.

Behind the hardware, you have a TF card slot, USB and the bespoke Phecda app for connectivity, compatible with Mac/PC and iPhone/Android platforms.

It's easier than ever to make your digital creations a reality.

A view of the Elegoo laser engraver from above

(Image credit: Elegoo)

Established in 2015, Elegoo first broke records in 2020, becoming China's number one brand with the launch of the Jupiter model raising $146,000 in just one minute on Kickstarter. By 2021, the Jupiter would go on to raise over $4,000,000, becoming the second largest 3D printing project in history.

This same record-breaking expertise is applied to the Elegoo Phecda, building on the company's powerful track record for creative innovation, tailor-made for innovative creatives.

The Elegoo Phecda Kickstarter campaign launches on April 8th at 14:00 UTC and will initially be available for an early bird price of just $240, a 60% discount on the MSRP. Follow Elegoo on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and TikTok.