ARM Will Support Google TV

Computex is in full swing and ARM Holdings was one of the first companies out the gate with a press conference on day 0. The company briefly mentioned Eagle, which was shown above the current generation Cortex-A9. ARM President, Tudor Brown, didn't go into details about the new chip, deferring questions with a promise of an announcement "at a later date" but he did mention that it would provide better performance.

However, Eagle was not the only interesting thing to come out of Tudor's speech. When asked by an audience member if the company plans to support Google TV, Tudor said it was in the works and continued on to say that with ARM's recent support for both Flash and Google's Chrome browser, they plan to optimize for the TV-based operating system.

Google TV was announced by Google at the search giant's I/O conference earlier this month. No word on price just yet but the hardware (TVs, standalone boxes, Blu-ray players and more) is expected to go on sale in the fall.

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  • requiemsallure
    ARM is everywhere nowdays, i wonder if they will ever try to go into the high-end market... it would be nice to have more competition.
  • Tomtompiper
    Leave the High End to Intel/IBM/AMD the future is mobile, the future is embedded, the future is ARM.
  • dEAne
    Yes the future is mobile but no only some parts will be embedded.