Apple's Lightning Cable for iOS 7 Hacked by Chinese Firm

Apple changed its iconic dock cable with the launch of the iPhone 5 to the "Lightning Cable." Apart from the cable now being reversible, Apple added an extra layer of security to their cable, so that for an accessory to work with the iPhone, the company would need a digital certificate or authorization from Apple. Not only is this massive pain for consumers (and a source of profit for Apple), but it prevents budget versions of the cable and accessories from flooding the market, while giving Apple leverage over the manufacturers. This is why the Chinese firm iPhone5Mod set out to hack this digital restriction, and they have finally done it.

The security circumvention comes at the hands of a hardware change, meaning that Apple cannot simply reverse engineer the hack using the software itself. Previously, the iPhone 5 on iOS 7 beta would give an annoying pop-up if the accessory did not have the authorization, but now cheaper cables can start pouring in from China, India and the Middle East. This is not the first time iPhone5Mod has angered Apple, having previously engineered cases that would transform an iPhone 4S to an iPhone 5. Unfortunately for the multinational giant, there is nothing they can do about it at the moment, as copyright and patent laws are treated differently in China. To show how different the cables now work from the native Apple versions, iPhone5Mod has released an instructional video, seen below.

Lightning Cable Hacked

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  • Anonymous
    The day I took delivery of my new iPhone 5 was the day I fell out of love with Apple devices. I used the video output from my previous iPhone 4S continuously for presentations, etc, and when I discovered that I had lost video connectivity to my various non-airplay devices that was pretty much where I decided that I would never buy another Apple product again as they completely rendered useless any standard AV device that I could previously use. I ended up buying a 2nd hand previous gen iPod Touch to get around the problem.

    I'm seriously glad that someone has managed to stick it to Apple as their latest attempt at a monopoly looks doomed to failure, and lets face it, that without any product innovation what else can they do? It's pretty low. My next phone will be Windows flavoured.
  • jk_ventolero
    Good job! Apple is just too greedy.. cashing in on even the smallest things such as peripherals and cables. Bah!
  • Anonymous
    In actual fact, because someone has hacked the cable it's actually done Apple a favour as people might be more likely to buy the phone now they have better connectivity options. Just a shame that Apple are too stupid to realise it. I will resist putting iOS7 on my phone for as long as I can.