Archos Introduces Child-Friendly Android ICS 7-inch Tablet

Tired of the kids whining to play this or that on your sleek Android tablet? Now here's your chance to shell out $129 for an Ice Cream Sandwich pacifier called the Child Pad. While the name is a little weird, Archos seems intent on providing the young'ns with a 7-inch gadget packed with the latest Android OS, a 1 GHz SoC and 1 GB of RAM.

"As a pioneer in the portable audio and Android tablet market we realize the importance of providing a tablet that can offer hours of entertainment for all ages, especially kids," says Henri Crohas, Founder and CEO. "Archos strives to offer great tablets with only the best of features at affordable prices and we expect this tablet to bring a smile to the faces of kids and parents’ everywhere."

Based on the slim list of details, the Child Pad won't be Google sanctioned, as the built-in Kids App Store will be powered by AppsLib instead. The store will be filtered down to 14-friendly categories and 10,000 apps including games, entertainment, communication, multimedia, books, comics, sports and more.

To make the tablet even less appealing to adults, the gadget will feature a kid-friendly user interface with colored icons, and home screen folders with direct access to games, entertainment, learning and puzzles. The tablet will even come packed with the top 28 kids' apps including Angry Birds, Pig Rush and Flight Frenzy.

Archos says that the Child Pad tablet will comply with both CIPA and COPPA regulations, ensuring a safe tablet environment for kids and peace of mind for parents. That said, the device will contain parental controls and safe web browsing provided by Editions Profil, the developer behind Profil Parental Filter.

The Archos Child Pad will be available by the end of March for $129. Check back with the Archos site later on to see a full list of specs.

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  • A Bad Day
    The question is...

    Is it durable?

    Unless if this was marketed for very tame kids, whatever you give them, you better be okay with it being broken.
  • esrever
    Wow, this is actually a very good idea. A good way to introduce kids to technology. Just needs some decent educational apps.
  • DaddyW123
    If this is rugged/durable, I could see XDA rooting it and installing full blown ICS with google on it. Then people could spray paint the bezel to improve the kidding look. Then you end up with a cheap, durable, full ICS Tablet.