Asus Z87 Motherboards Will Have Thunderbolt Support

A while back we showed you Asus' teasers regarding its Z87 motherboards, two of which were the Z87-Deluxe and the Z87-Gryphton. Meanwhile, Asus has dropped some more teasers, with a closeup of the LGA1150 socket, under which we can clearly read the text "Intel Thunderbolt Certified."

Beyond this, yet another teaser was released showing the rear I/O of an unnamed motherboard showing two Thunderbolt ports. They can be clearly spotted next to the BIOS reset switch and underneath the HDMI port and two USB 3.0 ports. While the likeliness can be questioned, it is a possibility that Asus will equip most, if not all, of its Z87 motherboards with a Thunderbolt interface, since a Thunderbolt controller will be integrated into Haswell CPUs.

At Computex in Taiwan, we'll be seeing more of Asus' lineup. In the meantime, stay tuned for the undoubtedly more teasers to come.

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  • herr terror
    It's too bad Steve Jobs didn't live long enough to embarrass himself by smugly telling the press, "Thunderbolt technology will NOT be available on PCs."
  • SvRommelvS
    Why would Steve make such a claim? Thunderbolt is an Intel-developed technology. The contract to Apple would have stipulated whether the technology was ever to be exclusive and, if so, for how long.
    Anyone have a guess when will we see thunderbolt on video cards?
  • InvalidError
    Anonymous said:
    Anyone have a guess when will we see thunderbolt on video cards?

    I'm guessing few people would be in any hurry to switch their displays to Thunderbolt while cables and devices carry a $20-30 premium over non-Thunderbolt equivalents.

    The ability to string two displays off one port (maybe more with future revisions) would be fairly nice for multi-display setups but it may take a while for the capability to become reasonably priced.