Diablo 3 Exploit Makes Wizards Invulnerable

Between server outages and game breaking exploits, Blizzard's had its hands full with Diablo III.

Players have recently uncovered a game breaking exploit that, after executing a series of abilities including teleport, make a wizard invulnerable. The exploit is actually pretty simple to execute, without any need for outside programs.

Once players have executed the specific combination of abilities, the wizard will then turn invulnerable, with enemies either avoiding the character or attacking and missing. The exploit isn't restricted to any mode, and has been tested on every difficulty. The only drawback to the exploit is that it locks players out of some of the character's abilities, but invulnerability in Diablo III is a wonderful boon—especially in Hardcore or Inferno—worth trading a few skills for.

The issue's already was made public on YouTube and the Diablo III forums. It's likely that Blizzard will be throwing out a hotfix to lock down the exploit. After all, such an exploit is ripe for abuse to breeze through beating the game.

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  • People still play D3? Now that's the real story.
  • And how much money has farmers made using this exploit to farm gear for the RMAH?

    At this point D3 is looking like an amusement park for people who want to hack and exploit and make money but a disaster for anyone who just wants to play and enjoy a game.
  • So Blizzard, how is that always online DRM working out for ya?
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  • I have been trying hard not to comment on Diablo 3 news for awhile now but I remember SOOO much talk about how all ways on internet would stop so much hacking , I realize this has nothing to do with that but there was people farming treasure chests, using the same account on two servers, boting , item dupping and now this? I quit because the one thing I thought might be fun selling my loot for real money got so buggered up I don't trust it now. I am not knocking the game play but as a piece of software and as a lunch it was a big fail * keep in mind I am not talking about how much money they made just the very long list of in some cases near game breaking issues , having people be able to farm with out dieing in a game thats about farming and you can sell your loot for real money is kinda a HUGE issue*
  • People still play D3? Now that's the real story.
  • People still play D3? That's the real story here.