Firefox 4 to See Official Release Next Month

A recent post on Mozilla’s developers mailing list suggests that the Mozilla Foundation is nearly ready to ship Firefox 4.

"We've worked tremendously hard on Firefox 4, and it's time to ship it," wrote Damon Sicore, Mozilla’s senior director of engineering. "I'm seeing the same burst of excitement and activity that we've seen in the endgame of every release. Over the past several days, component leads have again reduced their blockers by identifying hard blockers and those we can live without," he told developers, adding, "We've around 160 hard blockers remaining, and historically it has taken us six weeks to reach RC once we have 100 blockers left.  We must press hard now."

Sicore says the Mozilla team should aim to clear those by early February, with shipment of the final version of Mozilla Firefox 4 scheduled for the end of the month. The director of engineering told developers that they needed to reach RC status as quickly as possible and as such, it was important for everyone to be an active participant in testing. He specifically warned them not to disable Flash or Silverlight and asked that Windows users be especially vigilant about reporting issues such as crashes resulting from hardware acceleration. "Don't just assume that someone else has filed a bug already,” Damon said. “Make sure."

"I know you're all tired and stressed," he continued. "You all do incredible work every day, and you've built an amazing product. Stay focused. Be nice to each other. Firefox 4 is gonna kick ass, and you should be fiercely proud of it."

Read his entire message here.

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  • dogman_1234
    Good. Can't wait. Hope you guys fixed the crash problem as well. Ohter than that...congrats to the Mozilla team.
  • Anonymous
    "Releasex"? Is that Mozilla's new Private Browsing term?
  • TheFace
    releasex... Nough said.