Firefox 6.0 Officially Released: Download Links Inside

It seems like only yesterday we were updating to Firefox 5 (for those hazy on the details, version 5 was officially released June 20), but already it's time to move on. The latest iteration of Mozilla's Firefox web browser, Firefox 6, is now here and ready for consumption. Here's the link for Windows. Mac and Linux (click here for X64) versions are also available. 

So, what can you expect Firefox 6 to bring? Well, don't hold your breath for a lot of visual differences. The Firefox UI has remained the same for the most part as the bulk of the changes for this release are happening behind the scenes. The most noticeable cosmetic change is that the address bar now highlights the domain of the website you're visiting. Under the hood there's added support for the latest version of WebSocket as well as stream-lined performance when it comes to start times and opening large numbers of tabs at once. There's also the addition of a new permissions tool that will allow the end-user better control of which websites are storing what information (cookies, passwords, location, etc.).

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  • jackbling
    I hate to see mozilla tripping over its own feet trying to keep up with chrome and ie9; I feel like they are going in the wrong direction trying to develop an os/platform.

    I suppose feature bloat is a natural course software developers take, however, in trying to add value they alienate their user base, and hurt the performance/usage that likely made them a viable choice to begin with.

    I find myself using chrome and ie9 more, and more.
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  • Anonymous
    Motorola bought out Mozilla, obviously.
  • firefyte
    Anyone have peacekeeper / browser wars benchmarks on it? Just link updated tables in the news.
  • HansVonOhain
    Firefox is loosing its taste, as the developers are drawing straws on what feature will be successful.