Gmail Goes Down for Halloween

We had a very happy Halloween but the candy-filled festivities were slightly marred by a Gmail outage that saw a some users without service for much of the weekend.

While Google now says that the number of users affected was less than 0.001 percent, that assurance did not come until nearly 7 p.m. on Sunday. Most affected users began to experience problems on Saturday, and according to complaints noted by PC Pro, some of these problems lasted "more than 30 hours," with emails to Google going unanswered.

Despite Google claiming that this outage has affected only a very small number of people, it seems users are more annoyed with the lack of support than the problem itself. UberGizmo reports that people who paid for 24/7 phone support were unable to contact Google’s phone support. These people are understandably upset, given that they're forking over $50 a year to make sure they can get support over the phone when they need it.

"I'm in London, have had no access now for roughly past 24hrs," claimed one user, according to PC Pro. "Have filled in a support form to Google with an alternate email for them to contact me on but no reply yet. This is really bad! I urgently need to access my mail for work now."

Did you have any problems with your Gmail over the weekend? If so, let us know if you contacted Google and if the company got back to you.

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  • flurrball
    Guess I shouldn't have toilet-papered that server.....
  • wildwell
    No, this isn't a "It happens-move on" situation! Google didn't hold up their end of a paid service. Many business users may be able to quantify losses due to their downtime and put a price tag on it. Since Goggle didn't bother to provide the tech support their customers pay a premium for, the situation could be open for expensive lawsuits. Google is going to be very careful with regards to what they say about the indecent.
  • Other Comments
  • ssalim
    Everyone makes a mistake. Move along.
  • flurrball
    Guess I shouldn't have toilet-papered that server.....
  • buwish
    Exactly. It happens- move on.