Report: Intel Core i7-4771 Coming Q3 2013

A blogger, who goes by the name of asder00, has leaked some slides of Intel's Roadmap for 2013/2014. The Roadmap doesn't reveal anything particularly surprising for the Extreme series of processors, though it does show some interesting developments for the Premium and Mainstream series processors.

First, it shows the existence of an Intel Core i7-4771. What we expect is that the Core i7-4771 will be the successor to the current i7-4770. This is because the Core i7-4770K is currently an extra 100 MHz faster out of the box over the non-K version of the CPU. The idea is that the i7-4771 will have the same stock clock speeds as those of the i7-4770K -- 3.5 GHz. This CPU is expected to be released in Q3-2013.

Another interesting bit in the slide is the indication of a "Haswell Refresh," which appears to be scheduled for Q2-2014. It remains unsure what this would entail, though it seems likely that the chips will still feature the same 22 nm tri-gate architecture, with nothing more than a couple of changes to clock speeds. What another slide shows is that the Z97 and H97 chipsets will launch along with the Haswell Refresh, though no details of this have surfaced yet.

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  • ojas
    What the hell? Did you not see the huge table that lists Ivy Bridge-E and the Haswell Core i3s with AES-NI enabled and running HD4600?
  • segio526
    My guess would be that the Haswell Refresh chips support DDR4 and probably fit in the Broadwell socket/boards. These may also be considered lower end chips if they stay dual and quad core since the new rumor for Broadwell is hexa and/or octa core for the i7s (not just the Es).
  • dark_wizzie
    Intel fan no more after Ivy then Haswell: Focused on mobile, and carried their mobile features to the desktop. Now the crappy paste Ivy and later... AMD, beat Intel up, pl0x. Can't let them get complacent.