MSI Releases GTX 680-L Graphics Card

Spotted in Asia, MSI's new GTX 680-L's has lower clock speeds than MSi's original GTX 680 Lightning, featuring a 1019 MHz core, as opposed to 1110 MHz and 1084 MHz Boost clock instead of 1176 MHz. For the sake of comparison, Nvidia's reference specifications show a base core clock at 1006 MHz with GPU boost speed at 1058 MHz.

Aside from the aforementioned changes to the the core speed, none of the PCB parts have changed and the card still comes with MSI's TwinFrozr cooler which means that an experienced overclocker could easily match the GTX 680 Lightning's clock speeds and save a few bucks.


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  • TheBigTroll
    still better than a reference design or anything cooler + pcb that evga churns out
  • Au_equus
    BigMack70Why? No 680s have software voltage control. You don't need to pay extra for all that power circuitry on this card. It's a waste of money. If they sell it at a similar price to other 680s, that's great! But if they hike the price, as I'm sure they will, it's not worth anything.

    "this card is a bit cheaper than MSI's original GTX 680, and a small tad slower." Ummm.... Just get a 7970?
  • TheBigTroll
    the lightning cards did. until nvidia tanked them down. the lightnings can overclock like a beast with the voltage unlocked. but there were only 5000 that had the unlocked bios

    this will sell for roughly 459.99 or under, given the regular lightning sells for 499.99