Micron's CEO Dies in Plane Crash Friday Morning

In a short statement from Micron Technology, the company announced that 51-year-old Chairman and CEO Steve Appleton passed away Friday morning in a small plane accident in Boise.

"Our hearts go out to his wife, Dalynn, his children and his family during this tragic time," the company said. "Steve's passion and energy left an indelible mark on Micron, the Idaho community and the technology industry at large."

Additional reports claim that Appleton, a professional stunt plane pilot and former motocross racer, was the only one in the plane -- an experimental fixed wing single engine Lancair -- when it crashed at the Boise airport. Ada County dispatch in southwestern Idaho said it received reports that the plane was actually on fire even before it attempted to land.

"I'd like to turn back in... and land. Coming back in," Appleton said to air traffic controllers before he went down.

Appleton crashed once before back on July 8, 2004. According to reports, Appleton sustained a punctured lung, head injuries, ruptured disk and broken bones after his stunt plane crashed in the desert just east of Boise. Even more, he didn't immediately reveal the severity of his injuries, leading to an investigation in 2006.

"My description of myself, whether I'm the CEO of a very competitive industry or whether I happen to fly aerobatics in airplanes, it's all one package," he said at the time. "I mean, it's the personality that comes through in my business at my personal life."

Appleton joined Micron back in 1983 after graduating from Boise State University with a BA in Business Management in 1982. He became chairman and CEO in 1994. According to his profile, one of his passions was participating in adventure sports. He also owned more than 20 airplanes.

Trading in Micron shares on the NYSE has been halted as of this report, and so far there's no indication that trading will resume today. Shares were reportedly up 23 cents at $7.95 before the announcement was made on Friday afternoon. Over the past year, shares have traded between $3.97 and $11.95.

Micron said it will release additional information later on Friday.

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  • At least he died doing something he loved.

  • __-_-_-__thousands of people die of hunger everyday and no one cares. a CEO that has a private jet dies and it's all over the news.

    No one said anything about not caring about anyone else who dies for any reason. This article is about this man's death because it's relvant to many other's lives and financial well being. His death is just as sad as all of the others, so that part is also included to be respectful while reporting the news that they will need to get a new CEO.
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  • At least he died doing something he loved.

  • Have to say u was a brave brave man and lived ur life to the full and can tell just from reading this

    R.I.P Steve Appleton