AceMagic launched an X-Wing shaped mini gaming PC to celebrate May 4

AceMagic M2A StarShip mini PC
(Image credit: AceMagic)

Compact PC specialist AceMagic has launched what it claims to be “the world’s first AAA Sci-Fi games mini-PC.” Timed for some parasitic publicity over the Star Wars may-the-fourth-be-with-you weekend, it is intriguing to see this new mini PC with an X-Wing silhouette and LED highlights. AceMagic is canny enough to have an early bird product page ready, offering discounts of up to 35% for sign-ups. However, the site is sadly short on tech specifications at the time of writing.

We think the jokily described ‘four dimensional cooling’ system equipped in the AceMagic M2A StarShip references the “four powerful fans and seven copper pipes” in the design. Some previous AceMagic mini PCs were claimed to be ready for gaming even if they didn’t feature discrete GPUs, but surely this rather large quad-fan cooled model has a dedicated GeForce or Radeon chip (likely a mobile GPU).

Adding to the high-tech look of the M2A StarShip there is a rather fully featured display situated front center. In AceMagic’s example imagery you can see the display used to show GPU power consumption (at 45W, so there is surely a discrete GPU). The short descriptive text says the display can also relay real-time monitoring data such as CPU and GPU temperature, power consumption, clock frequencies, fan speeds, memory usage, and more.

AceMagic’s previous top gaming machine was the boxy (some might say ugly) Tank03 mini PC, with up to Intel Core i9-12900H and GeForce RTX 3080 Laptop GPU. We would hope that both those mobile processors would be replaced with newer-gen models in the AceMagic M2A StarShip. However, as mentioned previously, there are no hints at the actual tech specs this new device will ship with.

Disturbances in the space-time continuum

Previous reports have highlighted that some AceMagic mini PCs came from the factory with malware installed. Thus if tempted by one of these PCs it is probably a good idea to completely refresh the Windows 11 install with one direct from Microsoft. That advice is probably good for other small China-sourced brands too.

Lastly, while the design of the M2A StarShip might win some admirers, it seems to void one of the key attractions of a mini PC – the compact and portable nature of the form factor. We don’t have official word on the dimensions of the M2A StarShip but it would need considerable desk space to be pleasing to the eye, and make the statement it is designed for.

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  • Notton
    It looks more like a cross between TIE bomber and TIE/D Defender, but I like the design.

    I can understand not going full-on wide X shape, because that would consume a ridiculous amount of foot space.
  • thisisaname
    About as X-Wing as a brick.