Microsoft Now Hiring Staff for Retail Stores

Microsoft has started recruiting employees for the company's brick and mortar stores that will start cropping up over the news few months. The company has announced via the MicrosoftJobsBlog that it is now hiring staff to fill a number of positions in its Mission Viejo, CA and Scottsdale, AZ stores.

Posts listed include, full time and part time Retail Customer Service Associates, Retail Inventory Associates and Retail Technical Advisors. So what is required of applicants hoping to secure themselves a position in one of the stores? Well, those of you applying for customer service, inventory or technical advisor positions must be able to lift and carry 75 pounds. Sales associates, retail associates and assistant store managers must be able to lift and carry 50 pounds.

If you're interested in applying you can check out the full post on the MicrosoftJobsBlog by clicking here. All of the positions listed above (and a few more) can be found there along with links to the relevant job requirements.

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  • doc70
    75 lbs? man, that's a heavy OS.../joke.
    but hey, at least they're employing some people, as opposed to laying them off; anything helps..
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  • valcron
    They could save so much money by just providing digital download versions of everything and just advertising it in stores...seriously who is going to go to a MS store (much less brick and mortar which are going away fast) who doesn't already know what they are looking for.
  • Anonymous
    why aint they up here in Washington State ????it would be smart because of the economy
  • tayb
    Once you leave retail you never go back.