Dual Screen Microsoft Tablet Called 'Courier'

Earlier this week, rumors about a Microsoft phone, codenamed Pink, got a refresh. Along with those reports came word of a Microsoft tablet. While there was little to go on, details today emerge of a device called the Courier. The Courier is supposedly one of Microsoft's prototype designs and we like what we see.

The dual-screen tablet was first reported by Gizmodo and, while the site says the booklet packing two 7-inch screens is in the later stages of development, CNet's Ina Fried cites her own sources who say the Courier is just one of many prototypes Microsoft has.

The project is said to be spearheaded by Entertainment & Devices tech chief J. Allard (of Xbox fame) and combines "pen-dominated interface with several types of multitouch finger gestures, and multiple graphically complex themes, modes and applications."

Not a lot to go on at the moment but we're sure those trusty and ever so mouthy anonymous sources will keep the people of the web informed as more emerges on this product.

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  • chaohsiangchen
    Very good idea! Either use it like a book or like an over sized Nintendo DS.
  • back_by_demand
    (prepare to be marked -600, very soon)

    But.... can it play Crysis?
  • Parrdacc
    Well the picture looks interesting. Who know could be good, I'm interested. "several types of multitouch finger gestures" Could this be Microsoft getting ready to give Apple the big fat finger? First the Zune HD now a tablet, perhaps M$ is getting ready to at least try and give Apple some competition in these areas.