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NASA Preps Phoenix To Dig On Mars

By - Source: Tom's Hardware US | B 3 comments


One day after a picture-perfect landing on Mars, NASA’s Phoenix lander seemed Monday to be in perfect health. The spacecraft has redundant systems to survive the failure of some components, and mission controllers have drawn up contingency plans for possible problems.

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    thomasxstewart , May 27, 2008 8:29 PM
    PROBLEMLander has caught glitch & turned off its UHF antenae. Due to fact that two satelites service lander by Radio, it is hoped it will be easy fix, yet todays scheduled Digger Arm has been canceled. Digger in itself ran afoul with what was described as partial Non unfurrowing of protective wrap. However, I seen picture & its only about 1 foot unwrapped with 7 feet of digger still wrapped up. Huummmm. PROBLEMS.

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    thomasxstewart , May 27, 2008 8:34 PM
    aNOTHER QUICK INSIGHT. Is it possible to use satelite camera from thousands of miles & get picture of parachute & parachute cords? Seems that image issued by JPL would mean parachute is 25 miles wide & 100 mile long cords, just to get that persepective, given how small ridges of gravel seem. Maybe its Canadian Gravel Pit, Found Out?. oR AT LEAST sOME IMAGES MAY BE MORE PHOTOSHOP?Maybe. Well it seems dumb insight, so GO FIGURE.

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    thomasxstewart , May 27, 2008 8:44 PM
    Reason I feel that is possible is Due to 7 second delay in firinG Retrorockets & that Washington Post has Dropped Story.

    It is exact same retrorocket problem 1999 lander had & this lander is made out of spare parts from that Failed event. Its retrorockets never fired at all. However, if mechanical mechanism fails, usually it stays Broken. So it might be Doubtful that mere 7 seconds could refix something flawed in first place. Roll 7 on first try & Lose. Bill 7. mAYBE IT LANDED, yEAH, AT 15,000 M.P.H. & NOW BACK UP "hollywood" UNIT IS SHOW. WELL SOUNDS POSSIBLE, YET JUST THOUGHT.