Report: Google Working on 10-inch Nexus with Samsung

Early this week, word got out that a customer in Japan had accidentally gotten a 32GB version of Google's Nexus 7 tablet. The much-rumored 32GB Nexus 7 hasn't yet been announced, so it caused quite a stir when it emerged that one had landed in the hands of a Japanese consumer. However, it seems Google has got another unannounced tablet project, and this one is much more exciting than a Nexus 7 with additional storage.

According to CNet, Google is working on a 10-inch tablet to add to its Nexus line of smartphones and slates. CNet cites NPD DisplaySearch analyst Richard Shim as saying Google's 10.1-inch tablet will feature a display with a higher pixel density than that of the iPad 3 (326 ppi).

Not only that, but it seems Google is ready to give long-time Nexus partner Samsung a shot at creating this new tablet. Samsung has partnered with Google on two of the three Nexus phones but missed out on designing the Nexus 7 when Google had Asus make the first Nexus-branded slate. Shim told CNet that Google would partner with Samsung for the 10-inch tablet and that it would be a high-end device as opposed to the bargain that was the Nexus 7. The tablet would be cobranded, which means it's like it will bear the Galaxy band as well as the Nexus brand. Samsung already has a line of Galaxy-branded tablets (pictured right), including a 10-inch model.

No word on when Google might announce this new tablet but we'll keep you posted.

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  • DjEaZy
    ... now, that google almost owns motorola, why don't they build the next nexus them self...?
  • chuckydb
    When comparing the asus Transformer pas Infinity to the Galaxy Tab 2, I would have prefered Asus to produce the tablet again.
  • chuckydb
    DjEaZy... now, that google almost owns motorola, why don't they build the next nexus them self...?

    That's because other manufacturers were afraid that Android would become closed and/or Motorola getting a MUCH better treatment than the others.
    To keep the others in full confidence and support, Google is a bit screwing Motorola right now. You won't get to see Motorola and Nexus in the same sentence soon.