Could This Be the EOS? Nokia Teases New Lumia in UK Ad

Nokia's spent the last couple of weeks teasing us about its upcoming Lumia 928 by leaking mentions of the device in advertisements and posting videos featuring the 928 on its website. The company confirmed the Verizon version of the Lumia 928 on Friday but with an event set to take place in London tomorrow, the company is back to teasing us.

Nokia UK aired a mysterious TV commercial last night with the tag line, "More than your eyes can see." The ad highlighted the device's camera and promised, "The new Nokia Lumia is coming." Check it out for yourself below:

The new Nokia Lumia is coming...

We're assuming all will be revealed tomorrow during the event though ever since 2012's 41-megapixel 808 PureView, there's been talk of Nokia putting a similarly powerful lens on a Windows Phone device. January brought talk of a device codenamed EOS and packing a camera similar to the one in the 808 PureView so there's a good chance that's what's in store for tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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  • hannibal
    Nice! Does this mean that WP8 finally support this feature?
  • g-unit1111
    I really badly want to try a WP8 phone for my next phone, so hopefully this will be out by the time AT&T lets me upgrade.
  • bsparky11
    It seems like the HTC One has set a high bar. I hope this phone is competitive.