Nvidia: Tegra Phones on T-Mobile and AT&T by Q4

Computex 2009 showed us a plethora of devices powered by Nvidia's Tegra platform. Unfortunately there wasn’t a single cell phone in the bunch, which disappointed us hugely. Soon after came news that Microsoft's newest iteration of its Zune PMP, the Zune HD would run on Tegra. Very exciting and very cool, but we still hadn't gotten wind of a Tegra-based cell phone.

An interview over on CrunchGear quotes Nvidia as saying we'll see a Tegra-powered cell phone before we ring in 2010. Not only that, but this device is going to come from one of the top five smartphone manufacturers, with other sites suggesting either Samsung or Motorola. According to CrunchGear, Nvidia said the device is going to be available from both T-Mobile and AT&T, for a $199 price point that matches that of the Palm Pre and the iPhone 3GS.

Who’s interested? I’d like to say I am, but I'm not so crazy about those Motorola/Samsung rumors. Motorola handsets while easy on the eyes, haven't served me that well in the past and I've had two Samsung phones come with number pads that broke after a couple of weeks. What manufacturer would you like to see with a Tegra-based phone? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Wayoffbase
    I've never had any complaints with LG phones, a tegra based LG on verizon just in time for my contract renewal at the end of this year would be sweet.
  • Anonymous
    erikson if not them than nokia
  • fooldog01