OCZ Tech Sporting USB 3.0 SSD @ CES Too

Within the last two days, we've seen several manufacturers announce/reveal their USB 3.0-based SSDs. OCZ Technology is the latest to reveal its array of next-generation SSDs, keeping the specs to a minimum in its official report from Las Vegas. Currently the company is showcasing the new USB 3.0 SSD at CES along with SATA II 2.5-inch SSDs, SAS SSDs, and PCI-e SSDs.

"In addition to internal storage solutions, OCZ will be demonstrating the groundbreaking performance of the highly anticipated USB 3.0 interface with an ultra-slim portable SSD," the company said in an official press release. "Geared toward the early-adopting enthusiast, the OCZ USB 3.0 SSD sets the bar early for high-performance storage devices."

Naturally consumers will need a motherboard with on-board USB 3.0 support to take advantage of the SuperSpeed technology, or purchase a PCI-e card that adds USB 3.0 to current systems (without having to rip out the mobo). Having USB 3.0 isn't a requirement--the SSD can still wrok when connected to a USB 2.0 port albeit quite slower. Currently the Asus P6X58D is the only USB 3.0 "certified" motherboard--consumers may want to wait a while before jumping onto the portable USB 3.0 SSD bandwagon.

In addition to its lineup of SSDs, OCZ Technology is showcasing gaming and "enthusiast" hardware: its latest DDR3 solutions and its new Fatal1ty 750W and PC Power Silence mkII power supplies.

More on CES 2010.

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  • 1898
    Hm.. I missed all the other USB 3.0 SSD announcements then. ;p
    So Intel's next gen SSDs (Q3/4?) will come with USB 3.0? Neat.
  • kingair11
    Uh I thought that Gigabyte also had USB 3.0 certified Motherboards. I just bought one !
  • eklipz330
    kingair11Uh I thought that Gigabyte also had USB 3.0 certified Motherboards. I just bought one !

    lmfao u didn't check the specs at all did you

    but im glad to see usb 3.0 is catching on faster then i can get myself a usb 3.0 product.. im def gonna hold out on my amd system until i can get a usb 3.0 mobo