PlayBook 3G+ Now Shipping in the UK

Despite a rough year, Blackberry maker RIM seems intent on proving that it's business as usual. While anxious customers are waiting for the release of BlackBerry 10 devices, RIM has turned its attention to the PlayBook for the release of a new version of the tablet in the UK. Just a couple of months ago, RIM started selling a 4G LTE PlayBook in Canada. This week, the Canadian company started selling the PlayBook 3G+ in the United Kingdom.

Though nearly identical to the WiFi-only model, there are some key differences when comparing the 3G+ to the original PlayBook. Obviously, the presence of 3G is the main one, but Pocket-Lint reports that the 3G+ also packs a bit more of a punch thanks to a 2.5GHz CPU. The original WiFi-only model is based on a 1GHz processor. The 32GB PlayBook 3G+ is selling for £424.79 and is already available for purchase.

RIM's PlayBook tablet launched in April of 2011 to a lukewarm reception and hasn't sold particularly well in the time it has been available. It's had its price cut multiple times by retailers around the world and, as Pocket-Lint points out, the WiFi-only 32GB model sells for a paltry £199 through Carphone Warehouse.

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  • Vorador2
    That price translates to about 525€

    Good luck trying to sell it at that price-point. For that money you can get a 32Gb Nexus 10 or an iPad, both vastly superior.
  • Anonymous
    " the 3G+ also packs a bit more of a punch thanks to a 2.5GHz CPU."

    Either it's from Sparta, or there is a typing error... ?
  • Anonymous
    ok = y

    PlayBook = PlayBoy?