RIM May Sell Hardware Division if BlackBerry 10 Fails

Research In Motion has said that it may sell its hardware division if BlackBerry 10 fails.

Thorsten Heins, the CEO who has been managing the Canadian smartphone manufacturer for a year, stressed that while it's confident in its upcoming mobile operating system, it's still preparing for the worst.

"We do not want to limit our options… There are several options, including the sale of the hardware production is as much as licensing our software. But there is no reason for us to decide in hectic. It is important first of all, BlackBerry 10 successfully putting them on the market. Then we shall see."

Heins added that the final decision relies on the results pertaining to a company-wide evaluation that's currently in progress. RIM is apparently "debt-free" and has "$2.9 billion cash available," he stated.

BlackBerry 10 will launch worldwide on January 30, which is the same date when RIM will unveil the first smartphones powered by the platform.

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  • alidan
    would rim become a pattent troll if they sold hardware devision... what else do they make?
  • martel80
    If BB 10 is a failure, isn't it more likely to be a failure of the OS/UI (SW) rather than the hardware?
  • sixdegree
    In my opinion, Mr. Heinz shouldn't said that. Things like that tends to make potential investor scared and existing investor ANGRY. The existing investors are the early BIRDS, thus the ones who took the biggest risks in a company who currently bleed market share. Mr. Heinz should hold off telling this kind of thing until the launch of the new platform and instead push the launch date, which in turn, FREE the investors from the doubt and create more positive outlook FOR BB 10 platform. Also, if he wants a surefire success for rim's new devices, maybe he can look for clue in this post.